My work has been stolen!

I found out last night that someone has copied pictures from my blog, had players sign them and is now selling them. My pictures are NOT FOR SALE OR PROFIT! I have never ever given anyone permission to use my photographs for anything, other than the players or their families for their own collections! In fact, I GIVE them freely to the players and their families!

So far, I’ve found three copies of the same picture being sold. One vendor removed it from his store’s website with just an email. Sadly, they are still selling it on EBay. I’ve contacted him about that listing and will give him a few hours to remove it, before calling again. The owner claims that he was sold the pictures through eBay and hopefully he will send me the seller’s contact information so I can pursue that avenue.

The third is being sold for $40 on Amazon. I’ve contacted their copyright infringement department and will follow up with them.

I’m beyond angry. I blog and take the photographs for a hobby and for those who like to read Baseball Ross’ blog and my blog. I have NEVER profited from this in any way other than the friendships I have made. That is more than enough for me.

For someone to STEAL my work for their own profit is horrible. In the next few days pending notification from Amazon, I will remove all unwatermarked photos so that this doesn’t happen again. *end rant*.


Sometimes, It’s More Than a Game

Sometimes It’s More Than Just a Game…

I was going to write a perky piece today about the cars being packed into trucks to go north, celebrate those who will move up a level, and commiserate about those who didn’t. Today something happened at the field that took the wind out of my sails.

We found out late, that the games at 1 were cancelled because of the incoming rain and they were having a camp day, playing intra-squad games starting at 10. As we were walking in, an ambulance pulled up behind us then was waved onto Carlton Field. It was then we looked toward first to see a group of coaches and trainers gathered around a player who was laying flat on the ground.

My heart fell. I hurried to the home plate area where I saw someone I knew who told me what happened. The player was Hugo Arrocha-what was described to me was that Arrocha hit the ball and the first baseman had reached across first to catch the ball. When his arm went out, Arrocha collided with his arm and sort of flipped over it, landing on the side of his head/neck.  He was out cold.

There was a deathly quiet over the complex as he was put onto a stretcher. Arrocha did regain consciousness before being put in the ambulance. There was no “traditional polite applause” as he was carted away. Just a eerie silence that was like a cold fog against your neck.
Eventually, the games on that side of the building resumed, but no one’s heart seemed in it. There was no cheering, just a quiet. Most voices were hushed like it was a library.

I have yet to hear Arrocha’s condition. I will update as I find out his condition…

Sometimes, it’s more than a game, it can be someone’s life.

Final Workout Group Posting

Here it is…


ARM–Another Ruben Mistake?

As someone who had faithfully followed Phillies baseball for a decade and knowing some of the players eight years, you get attached to them, invested in their progress. You watch them progress and succeed and get oh so close to catching their dream.

Two years ago, I wrote about Derrick Mitchell and how excited we were that he had gotten a chance to play with the big team ( you can read that blog HERE) and how all had hoped that at the worst, he’d end up a September call up. That didn’t happen. It didn’t happen last year either. During the off season, Derrick signed with the Braves and guess what? After being in camp a few WEEKS (he reported to the minor league camp)they have given him a shot in the big game. He pinch-ran, then hit a sac-fly RBI in the seventh. Not too bad! A mistake by Amaro.

Seth Rosin, RHP, was with us last year. He was solid but the Phillies didn’t protect him and we lost him during the Rule 5 draft. He’s now on the 25-man roster with the Dodgers. Another Ruben Mistake.

Tuffy Gosewisch was a good catcher with a lot of promise, but apparently the Phillies didn’t think so as they traded him to the Diamondbacks for a half-used stick of pine tar. Gosewisch has joined Rosin in Australia and has also made the Diamondbacks 25-man roster. Another Ruben Mistake.

What do these three guys have in common? They weren’t given a look by the Phillies and have gone on to find success with other teams. More importantly, these are the ones we can think of just off the top of our heads.

How many times can the Phillies do this? I just keep thinking, ARM, Another Ruben Mistake. Maybe Amaro forgets that three strikes and you’re out. Mitchell-Strike One, Rosin-Strike Two, Gosewisch-Strike Three—you’re outta here…well we can wisch.

(Original phot from edits are mine)>

Timing is Everything

One of the things I love best is photography. It’s a real passion of mine. Last spring, I finally broke down and invested in a “real” camera, one with interchangeable lenses, wifi and so many bells and whistles that I can’t name half of them. It was the best thing I could have done.

One of the very first times I used it, I was watching extended spring training and I was struggling a little and this kind man sitting next to me asked if my camera was new. I said yes and he proceeded to ask me for my camera. He took his camera off his monopod (an adjustable stick that bears the weight of the camera and helps you hold it steady) and put my camera on it. He told me to try it out. Then he showed me a few things with the camera as well as suggesting some accessories I should buy to get started.

I was so impressed that this man would spend time showing me the ropes. He said he was there to watch his son. We chatted a while then I headed over to another field to take some more pictures.

Later, I mentioned this to Ross and how much I thought of such a kind gesture. “The guy sitting next to you taught you to use your camera? Do you know who that was?” I said, “one of the dads.”

Ross laughed, “That is Dennis Dugan, Kelly Dugan’s dad! He directs movies in Hollywood!”

I didn’t believe him, but after checking IMDB, Ross was right.

I had just gotten a lesson in photography from the director of “Happy Gilmore” and “Big Daddy”. He really was so sweet to help someone as clueless as I was.

I got to see him today and made a point to show him the picture I took of Kelly earlier in the season. It really meant a lot to me when he complimented me on it.


I also took a few other pictures that I am kinda proud of, as I think I’ve finally started to get the hang of action photography. One thing I can tell you, it’s easier when you know the pitcher. If you’ve taken hundreds of pictures of them, you can learn when to hit the shutter to get that one shot. 20,000 digital pictures later and I now have some like this:






Times They Are A’Changin’–But Without New Group Lists

While there have been cuts the last two days at the Phillies camp, you’d never know it if you looked at the group lists they are handing out that were dated 3/10.

I was sad to see Lou Marson let go (again)…only to have the Phils pick up a 30-year-old catcher that had cut off three fingers and a thumb in a freak table-saw accident. Granted the digits were reattached…ETA Koyie Hill’s story about nearly losing his fingers can be read HERE

Hilton Richardson whom I wrote about last week is also gone. Additionally: Braden Shull LHP, RHP Geoff Broussard, Karl Galinas and OF Jonathan Knight.

Baseball Ross and I will check again for a new workgroup sheet tomorrow…hopefully no one else will be gone by then. I know it’s “the nature of the beast” but that doesn’t make it any easier.