My work has been stolen!

I found out last night that someone has copied pictures from my blog, had players sign them and is now selling them. My pictures are NOT FOR SALE OR PROFIT! I have never ever given anyone permission to use my photographs for anything, other than the players or their families for their own collections! In fact, I GIVE them freely to the players and their families!

So far, I’ve found three copies of the same picture being sold. One vendor removed it from his store’s website with just an email. Sadly, they are still selling it on EBay. I’ve contacted him about that listing and will give him a few hours to remove it, before calling again. The owner claims that he was sold the pictures through eBay and hopefully he will send me the seller’s contact information so I can pursue that avenue.

The third is being sold for $40 on Amazon. I’ve contacted their copyright infringement department and will follow up with them.

I’m beyond angry. I blog and take the photographs for a hobby and for those who like to read Baseball Ross’ blog and my blog. I have NEVER profited from this in any way other than the friendships I have made. That is more than enough for me.

For someone to STEAL my work for their own profit is horrible. In the next few days pending notification from Amazon, I will remove all unwatermarked photos so that this doesn’t happen again. *end rant*.


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