Sometimes, It’s More Than a Game

Sometimes It’s More Than Just a Game…

I was going to write a perky piece today about the cars being packed into trucks to go north, celebrate those who will move up a level, and commiserate about those who didn’t. Today something happened at the field that took the wind out of my sails.

We found out late, that the games at 1 were cancelled because of the incoming rain and they were having a camp day, playing intra-squad games starting at 10. As we were walking in, an ambulance pulled up behind us then was waved onto Carlton Field. It was then we looked toward first to see a group of coaches and trainers gathered around a player who was laying flat on the ground.

My heart fell. I hurried to the home plate area where I saw someone I knew who told me what happened. The player was Hugo Arrocha-what was described to me was that Arrocha hit the ball and the first baseman had reached across first to catch the ball. When his arm went out, Arrocha collided with his arm and sort of flipped over it, landing on the side of his head/neck.  He was out cold.

There was a deathly quiet over the complex as he was put onto a stretcher. Arrocha did regain consciousness before being put in the ambulance. There was no “traditional polite applause” as he was carted away. Just a eerie silence that was like a cold fog against your neck.
Eventually, the games on that side of the building resumed, but no one’s heart seemed in it. There was no cheering, just a quiet. Most voices were hushed like it was a library.

I have yet to hear Arrocha’s condition. I will update as I find out his condition…

Sometimes, it’s more than a game, it can be someone’s life.


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