You asked, Baseball Betsy answers

Twice this week, people have asked me about how to get tickets to spring training and how much they cost…there’s layers to the answer…but practice is FREE and you need no tickets.

That being said, that is for PRACTICE. From the time that pitchers and catchers report until the intra-squad game, spring training is free. There are no tickets, even when you get to sit inside Bright House to watch batting practice. This applies to BP and the drills at the Carpenter Complex (just north and next to Bright House). There is also no charge for parking either. The best place to park is in lot A.

HOWEVER, once spring training
games start, things are a little more tricky. Once the MLB team starts having games, the MiLB teams start working out at Carpenter. Practice at Carpenter is free but they will charge for parking any day that the Phillies have a home game. I’d also recommend arriving EARLY on these days if you want to watch either the MiLB work outs or watch MLB players take BP at Carpenter before the game. (There is no charge for parking if MLB is playing out of town.) Also of note, on game days, lot A fills up quickly.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask any if the security staff, they are some really great guys.

Now, once the MLB Phillies start playing games against other teams, you DO have to buy a ticket to enter Bright House Field and you also have to pay for parking. On game day there are several lots to pick from and all have a charge for parking.

I hope this helps answer some of the most often asked questions.


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