Last day of pitchers and catchers…

As a spectator, watching the pitching and catching drills is not the most exciting thing to watch. There’s very little actual ball throwing. There is a lot of pantomiming of throwing a ball then catching a ball hit by a coach so that you can practice throwing a hit ball to a base.

You might catch a peek to the “seven mounds” area behind the locker room building where there are seven pitching mounds. Here, they throw an abbreviated session before returning to more drills.

Once the pitchers are done, they change and run along the warning track for a while.

That’s where I THINK I saw Joe Savery this morning. I believe he is the 2nd from the left in the plain red shirt.

From there, Baseball Ross and I wandered over to Bright House to watch the position players take batting practice while awaiting being called in to the locker room for their physicals.

I got to see one of my favorites, Kelly Dugan take BP today.


It seemed like an average day, but was I surprised when I heard that the Oakland A’s picked up Joe Savery. I wish Joe all the best as Ross and I have been watching him progress for a long time.


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