Pitchers and catchers and position players, oh my!

Day 2 of pitchers and catchers dawned bright, sunny and WARM! We arrived to find Jessie Biddle, David Buchanan, Mario Hollands and the rest of their group receiving instruction on the half field next to Bright House.

They then went inside.

Over at Carpenter, the remainder of the pitchers were stretching and readying for the same drills as yesterday. While Sebastian Valle and Lou Marson were tossing on Ashburn field.

We heard that Bright house was open for batting practice for position players.

Darren Ruf was fielding balls in the outfield, as was Kelly Dugan (below)


Marlon Byrd managed to hit several into the bullpens.

Cody Asche was there as well.

Ryan Howard looked like he was moving well.

Chase Utley looked to be in a good mood as he walked in to take his swings.

It was a good day to see some familiar faces.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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