It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring Training…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring Training,

Everywhere you go…

Lines at the stadiums, 

Lines at the restaurants,

Or something like that…I may not be Johnny Mathis, but you get the gist. 

Things are really heating up down here in Clearwater. Everyday more players arrive, restaurants are filling up and the streets are clogged with out of state and country license plates. Even the weather is finally starting to change. This has been the wettest and coldest that many of us can ever remember. I know it’s been horrible in the North, but for Florida this has been cold. 

Our first winter here in Clearwater, we wore jeans and sweatshirts TWICE. Last year it was only about a week, total all winter. This year, was so very cold. It was so cold that I looked like THIS more than once to walk the dogs…

A VERY cold Betsy

We had temperatures in the 30s and even wind chills in the teens. Something rarely heard of down here. Now, we are back in the 70s and sunny. Flowers are blooming, birds are flying, it’s really changing.

We’ve driven by Brighthouse and seen players working out. Later this week, pitchers and catchers report and Baseball Ross and I will be there. We are planning on being there for most of Spring Training. A good friend of mine is coming to visit for the first week of games and after that, we will make a stop in Orlando not only to watch the Phillies but to check in with former Pharmhand, Derrick Mitchell who is now in the Atlanta Braves system. 

As the season moves on, we will also be reporting about minor league spring training, extended spring training and the Threshers regular season. There may even be a trip up north to check on our favorites. 

I’m looking forward to seeing our familiar faces back in town. There’s nothing better than seeing guys play that you’ve been watching for years. Actually, there is, seeing them play with the Major League team. That’s as good as it gets. Watching these kids achieve their life long dream, THAT is as good as it gets. 

So until then, Ross and I will be working in the yard and enjoying the sun. 

Ross waves goodbye for now…



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