Rays Win, They’re In!

We're In

While I will always be a Phillies girl at heart, I must admit that since moving to the Tampa area I’ve started to watch the Rays. It’s my adopted home town team.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I was very excited that Baseball Ross and I won the ticket “lottery” to be allowed to purchase playoff tickets. We had our tickets and parking bought and paid for when the unthinkable happened…the Rays lost over the weekend and ended the season in a three way tie. The tickets for the game became void and we got a very nice email letting us know our money was refunded.

So last night (as if spending three hours watching FIL baseball wasn’t enough for one day) we fired up the big screen and watched the Rays. I got nervous. I paced, I chewed my nails, we celebrated every run…then it happened…former Phillie Delmon Young hit a blooper and  it bounced into the glove of Leonys Martin and…Young’s hit was called out. WHAT?!?!?!

The announcers immediately said that it was a BOUNCED ball, not a catch, but somehow all SIX on-field umpires missed the call. The Rays were threatening to score, likely would have gotten another run, but with the muffed call, it changed the dynamic of the inning.

The Bleacher Report has great gifs of the play… (HERE)

Now Commissioner Bud Selig is NOTORIOUSLY old fashioned not just with on field technology, he doesn’t even have email. If you want to contact him, you have to FAX him. (For what it’s worth, there’s been a couple of times I have used our home business fax to give him a piece of my mind, ha!)

This is where is tech-phobia hurts the game. A quick review, whether by on field umpires peeking under the “hood” or an umpire in a office looking at the tape would have cleared up the discrepancy in a matter of SECONDS. With no review, “the call on the field stands” and a false out was given. The Rays were lucky, they were able to overcome this travesty…but what if they wouldn’t?

What if they would have needed that one run to win? What if they lost their season, their chance for the SERIES on a blatantly muffed call?

There’s no appeal, no review, no justice.

This is one of the things that for me, is the legacy of the antiquated Bud Selig. Not how he dealt with the PED/Biogenesis scandals, not inter-league play, THIS, the lack of correctness and appeals. The NFL showed early on that instant replay can be quick, efficient and keep the game as fair as possible. Why not MLB?

Because the Commissioner is a dinosaur.

Selig announced he will retire at the end of his term in 2014. It can’t come soon enough.

Enough with the griping, let’s focus on ONE MORE GAME as the Rays say…on to Cleveland



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