Violence in Sports, Not the On-The-Field Variety

As I usually do, I was following my Twitter feed while watching the Pirates game. Towards the end of the game I saw a re-tweet from a friend, the tweet was from the wife of Mat Latos, a Cincinnati Reds player. She reported that Pirates fans had been harassing another player’s grandmother and she asked […]

Carlos Alonso Wins Gold Glove as BEST Second Baseman in All of MiLB

Today, Alonso was awarded a Rawlings Golden Glove as the best second baseman in ALL of Minor League Baseball. (If you want to read the announcement, you can read it HERE.) If you’ve been reading my blog and the blog of Baseball Ross, you’ll know that we’ve been singing the praises of Carlos Alonso all year. […]

Yeah, So the Pirates Are A No-Show

So today the Fall Instructional League Phillies were to play the Pirates today–originally at Pirate City in Bradenton, then yesterday, we were told the Bucs were coming here. Nope, no Bucs. We arrived to find Phillies 1 vs Phillies 2–both wearing the same uniforms. This is so confusing. One thing I love, is the snap […]

Rays Win, They’re In!

While I will always be a Phillies girl at heart, I must admit that since moving to the Tampa area I’ve started to watch the Rays. It’s my adopted home town team. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I was very excited that Baseball Ross and I won the ticket “lottery” to be allowed […]