Divergent Paths-A View of Two Brothers, Sam and Jesse Biddle

Over the years of watching baseball, especially minor league baseball, I have had the privilege of meeting players as well as their families. I met Jesse Biddle last season when the Threshers introduced the team to the fans at the beginning of the year party. I talked to Jesse about driving two hours just to watch him with his first game with the Williamsport Crosscutters two years earlier. We struck up a bit of a friendship and I wrote about it on my blog. You can read it HERE.

Jesse’s dad, David Biddle read that blog and sent me an email so we’ve also gotten to be friends.  It was David who told me about the movie, which was created by his son Conor, a filmmaker. The movie is about his brothers Sam and Jesse and how these very different brothers have both excelled in two very different careers.

I enjoyed the movie and would highly recommend it as a view into two very successful people who are driven to become the best at their chosen professions.

If you’d like to view the movie, you can see it on YouTube:

Divergent Paths-A True Story by Conor Biddle


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