One of My Favorite Things

As I’ve written before, one of my favorite things is watching a player start playing and see him climb up the ranks.

I first saw Jesse Biddle pitch in his very first professional game in Williamsport. ( you can read the story HERE).

Back on that first night he played they had auctioned off the jerseys and Jesse’s had gone for over $200 so it was a little too rich for my blood so I didn’t win. I’d thought about it over the years and really wished I had been able to get it.

So one evening near the end of last season I had wandered into the Diamond Outfitters store and there it was…Jesse’s 4th of July Threshers jersey! It made a great birthday present.

As I had gotten to know Jesse a little over the summer I kept meaning to ask him to sign it, but soon the season was over and I missed my chance.

Today, I remembered to bring it with me and he was kind enough to sign it.


Close up


Next up: getting it framed!

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