Out of the wind

We left the game in Dunedin to escape the 30mph winds.

We went down to the Carpenter complex.

I got here just in time to see Ronnie Welty, whom we acquired from Baltimore for Julio Rodriguez, bat.


He struck out.

I can say it’s a lot nicer here, we’re out of the wind and that makes all the difference.

FYI the new work group list is not out, while I do notice some changes, I will not comment until I can confirm them.

Every Fifth Day is a Halladay

Today, Roy Halladay did not make the trip to Sarasota with the team, he stayed here to pitch in the AAA game against the Blue Jays.

It caused such a stir that the players from the AA game on the other field peered through the fence just to watch him warm up!


I can’t say he’s doing well so far, he’s given up 3 runs in 3 innings, 2 walks, hit a batter, we also estimate he threw about 70 pitches.


Carlos Ruiz was catching.


Delmon Young is batting every inning.


I’m enjoying myself. There’s nothing better than a day in the stands, sitting with friends and baseball. This is the life.

One of My Favorite Things

As I’ve written before, one of my favorite things is watching a player start playing and see him climb up the ranks.

I first saw Jesse Biddle pitch in his very first professional game in Williamsport. ( you can read the story HERE).

Back on that first night he played they had auctioned off the jerseys and Jesse’s had gone for over $200 so it was a little too rich for my blood so I didn’t win. I’d thought about it over the years and really wished I had been able to get it.

So one evening near the end of last season I had wandered into the Diamond Outfitters store and there it was…Jesse’s 4th of July Threshers jersey! It made a great birthday present.

As I had gotten to know Jesse a little over the summer I kept meaning to ask him to sign it, but soon the season was over and I missed my chance.

Today, I remembered to bring it with me and he was kind enough to sign it.


Close up


Next up: getting it framed!

Updated Work Group

The most recent work group list is in. This is after this weekends cuts.


What a great day for baseball

It was a great day for baseball. The sun was shining, a cool breeze, two games to watch…ahh, this life is good.

Derrick Mitchell went 3 for 4 with an RBI and a stolen base.

Derrick Mitchell on his way to steal second.

Kyle Kendrick pitched four innings today in the AAA game.


They had the minor league pitchers in to practice bunting in scoring situations.

Austin Wright prepares to bunt.

Jesse Biddle smiles after successfully executing a sacrifice bunt.

It was just a great day for baseball.

Updated Spring Training list

First round of “shuffling” is complete:


Minor League Game Schedule

I was asked earlier tonight if the minor leagues had a schedule available online. If they do, Baseball Ross and I are not aware of it.

However, we do have a “connection” i.e. we know the guy who guards the door to the offices at the Complex and he always takes good care of us, schedule and player group list-wise.

So here is the schedule as we have it: