Michael Schwimmer traded to the Blue Jays

THIS JUST IN: Disagreeing with Ruben Amarro Jr. Will end up with you being banished to Canada! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

All silliness aside, Michael Schwimmer has been traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for Art Charles, a 1B minor leaguer.

Schwimmer has been the center of controversy since last fall when he was sent down to Lehigh Valley. Schwimmer argued that he was injured and therefore could not be sent down and should have been placed on the disabled list.

His fans, known as the SCHWIM Team, will miss him. I’ll still see him here in Dunedin.

Good luck to him.

Base running drills–Boy does Utley look GREAT!

Just finished watching base running practice and can I say CHASE UTLEY RAN SO WELL! I was amazed! He had great speed and ran with ease! I honestly think he was running better than he did for years!

It was wonderful to see him running so well. Utley is also scheduled to play in tomorrow’s intra squad game.

More to come….