26 days….until pitchers and catchers report

It’s a raw and rainy day here in Clearwater. It’s the first rainy day in weeks. Let’s just hope that it rains all it wants for 25 days then is dry for 6 weeks….Just sayin’.

Oh, and that it’s not freezing cold like 4 years ago. Back then, Baseball Ross and I rented a house for a month. Every other year we schlepped our winter coats down with us and didn’t touch them until we returned to Pennsylvania. That year, we left them at home and THAT was the year that it was never above 50 degrees at game time!

Freezing Betsy
Freezing Betsy

if you look you can see my arms aren’t even in the sleeves, they’re inside and crossed. I was always susceptible to the cold so 50 might as well be 10, lol.

I spent that spring feeling like Randy from “A Christmas Story” where I couldn’t put my arms down because I usually had on a t-shirt, then a long sleeved T, then a sweatshirt then the fleece.

Well, fortunately, I don’t think that this year will be like that, we’ve had the warmest winter on record and just last week we broke several record highs. That’s my kind of weather!



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