12 Days but not much to say.

I felt the need to just mention that there are 12 days left until pitchers and catchers report.

Last year at this time, I felt excited, full of anticipation of the upcoming season. This year…I’m mixed.

I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite guys, some of whom I feel privileged to call “friend”. Derrick Mitchell, Jesse Biddle, Adam Morgan, Austin Wright, Perci Garner, Cody Asche, Tyson Gillies, Tyler Knigge and Seth Rosin, I’m anxious to see these guys.

Other than that, I’m just flat.

I’ve been frustrated and disappointed by some of the “deals” that Ruben Amarro Jr. has made. I think the thing that has made me so angry and frustrated is that I truly believe that we have a great wealth of talent in the farm system. Some of these guys, in my opinion, could step into the holes that RAJ just “filled”. Guys who have played well and have been waiting in the wings for a shot at the big time. Instead, RAJ has brought in older, “experienced” players…or in my opinion, past their prime to take the spots.

I’ve written on this several times in the two years that I’ve had my blog. I would rather lose a couple of games due to a young guy’s “Learning Curve” rather than losing because an “experienced” player isn’t in the condition needed to make a play. I see that letting the younger player play builds for the future, helps us long term whereas the older “seasoned” player might do ok now, but they’re not going to be able to help us in the long term.

The best news I’d heard was that Cody Asche and Adam Morgan were invited to the MLB training camp. THAT gives me some hope, but knowing RAJ even these guys will be stuck in the limbo known as Lehigh Valley for years to come.

I’m sorry if I’m sounding down. I should be looking forward to the upcoming season. Instead, I feel like it’s going to be deja vu all over again…

At least I’ll get to see my friends in the upcoming days and that makes me happy. I’ll focus on that.



26 days….until pitchers and catchers report

It’s a raw and rainy day here in Clearwater. It’s the first rainy day in weeks. Let’s just hope that it rains all it wants for 25 days then is dry for 6 weeks….Just sayin’.

Oh, and that it’s not freezing cold like 4 years ago. Back then, Baseball Ross and I rented a house for a month. Every other year we schlepped our winter coats down with us and didn’t touch them until we returned to Pennsylvania. That year, we left them at home and THAT was the year that it was never above 50 degrees at game time!

Freezing Betsy
Freezing Betsy

if you look you can see my arms aren’t even in the sleeves, they’re inside and crossed. I was always susceptible to the cold so 50 might as well be 10, lol.

I spent that spring feeling like Randy from “A Christmas Story” where I couldn’t put my arms down because I usually had on a t-shirt, then a long sleeved T, then a sweatshirt then the fleece.

Well, fortunately, I don’t think that this year will be like that, we’ve had the warmest winter on record and just last week we broke several record highs. That’s my kind of weather!


33 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report

Spring is in the air! Ok, it’s still winter but with the temperature being 86 today, it’s hard to feel like it isn’t Spring.

Today was also the day that single game tickets for Spring Training went on sale. We were LUCKY to be able to get tickets to the coveted St. Patrick’s Day game. I’d bet the house that by now if anything is left it’s only grass seating.

We also walked the few blocks down to the Dunedin Stadium and got tickets to the games with the Blue Jays. These, too, are going fast.

I know that the “Kids” will be heading back to town very soon and some are already here. It’s getting close and I just can’t wait!

Even the FAMOUS Lenny’s where everyone goes to breakfast is ready!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

The Best Thing About Blogging

When I started my blog, almost 2 years ago now, I started it with the intent of writing about the entire experience of going to a baseball game–from a FEMALE fan perspective.

I still do, BUT over time, I’ve realized that how I write is very different from most other bloggers. I see the players as guys working to achieve their greatest dream. Because of this, I have gotten the kindest emails, comments and messages from many of the players friends and family who appreciate all I write about the young guys coming up.

These messages from family mean the WORLD to me. It just makes me feel like bursting at the seams.

So I say thank you to all who’ve taken time to drop me a line to let me know that my blog isn’t just disappearing into the ether.

I’m back!

Sorry to have been away so long. The end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 have not been kind. Baseball Ross and I traveled back to Pennsylvania the week before Christmas to visit family, see a Hershey Bears hockey game and stay a night at the Hotel Hershey. Our “parting gift” was a nasty cold. We recovered, then caught a virulent strain of the flu. Not the best way to start the year.

I’ve also started working on updating the website and have made some additions. So feel free to go look around over there:

BaseballBetsy-The Website

Christmas Candle
Christmas Candle

This was the best gift I got for Christmas this year from my brother!