Sad day in the Baseball household

Ahh, Labor Day Weekend, a happy and sad time in our household. Happy, because it’s Baseball Ross’ birthday, sad because it brings an end to much of minor league baseball.

You can tell that the season is over by this….

The annual “Washing of the Jerseys”…the sign that the season is over.

The annual ritual of the “Washing of the Jerseys”. I wash them as needed during the season, of course, but at the end of the season I make sure they all get washed so that I can pack them away at the back of the closet until spring training. (I can’t wait until spring training.)

It was sad that the Threshers missed the playoffs by only half a game. The Iron Pigs didn’t make it either, nor did Lakewood or Williamsport.  We’re thrilled that Reading made the playoffs, but due to prior commitments, we won’t be able to travel back to Pennsylvania to see them. 😦

Since we moved to our new house last week (part of the reason for my lack of posts for the last month or so) we now live in Dunedin, Florida…where the town team the Dunedin Blue Jays are playing in the FSL play offs. I suppose we’ll walk down there for a game or two…but for the most part, organized baseball is over.

Sure, the instructional league starts up in a few weeks…and there will always be Australian baseball (Yes, Ross and I did get up at 3am to listen to the Perth Heat games to hear how Tim Kinnelly was playing.) but its just not the same.

The Phillies are all but mathematically eliminated as well.

My little baseball shaped heart is breaking.

As sad as the end of this year was…there were some good things….and those will be coming up in my “Best of” posts coming soon….