Eastern League All Star Game–batting practice

Batting practice has begun! Dusty Wathan is pitching. So far we have spotted Darrin Ruf, Troy Hanzawa, Sebastian Valle, Cesar Hernandez and leandro Castro. ETA: 5:50pm Leandro Castro takes a ball yard! ETA: 5:54 Cesar Hernandez takes one long! ETA: 5:55 Leandro Castro sends one over the fence. ETA: 5:55 Sebastian Valle sends a ball […]

Amarro denies “Shopping Hamels”

It was only yesterday and even earlier today when it seemed every major news source was reporting that the Phillies were burning up the phone lines looking to gauge interest in Cole Hamels. Heck, even CBS Sports reported that “Cole will not sign with the phillies”. Today, Rabid Ruben claims that they plan to keep […]