Jesse Biddle hits a season high 12 strike outs in a game

Walking into the park today, this is who greeted us:

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It made me smile as did the fact that Jesse Biddle continues to improve with each and every outing. Today, he blew me away along with 12 of the Palm Beach Cardinals.

Jesse was simply amazing. He had command and was just “dealing”.

Jesse Biddle with a smile

I like this picture, Jesse seems to have a smile on his face, like he knows how well things were going.

He ended his seven innings of work with 12 strike outs, 4 hits and only 1 walk.

I have video of his 11th and 12th strike outs. THIS is the 11th and THIS is the 12th, both were in Jesse’s 7th and final inning. When interviewed after the game in THIS article, Jesse said it was his best inning.

Brody Colvin came in and worked the 8th.

Tyler Knigge came in at the 9th and struck out the final Cardinal to end the game. You can watch it HERE. The Threshers took down the Cardinals 3-0.

The cherry on the sundae of my Sunday was that I was selected as the “Gus Goodsport” fan of the game and won an authentic Threshers practice hat, with a retail value of $28!

Gus Goodsport Authentic Practice Hat

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