Florida State All Stars from the Threshers announced

As I reported earlier, the list for the Florida State All Star game was announced, though at the time, the only name I could find mentioned was Threshers’ pitcher Jesse Biddle.

This afternoon the Threshers announced others who made the All Star team:

The FSL All-Star squads were announced today! Making the team from Clearwater are pitchers Jesse Biddle, Adam Morgan, Austin Wright, along with catcher Cameron Rupp.

Baseball Ross and I said the same thing at the same time….WHAT ABOUT CODY ACSHE AND TYLER KNIGGE????

And being the snarky little thing I am, I posted such a thought right under the announcement on the Threshers’ Facebook page. Surprisingly, they responded:

Asche would likely have been selected were it not for Lakeland 3B Nick Castellanos, who leads the league with a .409 average

Ok, I get that he plays the same position as the guy with the best average in the league, but  to Asche’s defense he does have FEWER errors making him a better fielder….so why wasn’t he designated the DH?

*shaking my head*

Well to me, he’s still an all-star.

Congratulations to all who made the team.




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