A Dolphin Tale at the Ballpark

It was a whale of a time, ok a dolphin of a time at the park tonight. It was Winter the Dolphin night at Bright House. A portion of the night’s ticket sales was donated to help Winter and her friends at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

For those of you who are pop culturally deprived, Winter is the dolphin showcased in the movie “A Dolphin Tale” that came out last summer. It features Harry Connick, Jr and Morgan Freeman telling the story of Winter, a dolphin whose tale was caught in a crab trap and severed from her body. Winter was brought to the Clearwater Marine aquarium where she not only survived but thrived. There was only one problem, without her tail fluke, she wasn’t able to swim properly. A renowned maker of limb prosthetics for humans became involved and made Winter a new tail. (She only wears it a few hours a day while she does her physical therapy.)

I happened to be there last week and let me tell you, it’s a moving experience to see her. To know that our ticket money will help her and her other friends at the aquarium does one’s heart good.

Winter the Dolphin

Back to the ball park, as part of “Winter Night” at the ballpark, this was one of the COOLEST giveaways I’ve ever seen….

Winter the Bobbletail

A Winter the dolphin BOBBLETAIL!

Tonight was also important because it was the first rehab appearances of Jim Thome and Michael Martinez.

Jim Thome first rehab appearance
Michael Martinez rehab appearance

It was good to see them back on the field but the game was a hard one to watch. Clearwater went down to the Palm Beach Cardinals 4-1.

Clearwater can be so frustrating sometimes. Some games you watch and you think they have turned the corner and are on the road to becoming a cohesive team and the next game, not so much. There’s one or two pieces that need tweaking but I think there is promise there.



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