Is the fire sale beginning? Hamels reportedly being scouted by the Texas Rangers

Cole Hamels signing my ball

Comcast Sports Net is reporting that the Rangers are scouting Cole Hamels, who is in the last year of his contract. Hamels wants a long term deal.

Texas would likely give up Mike Olt an up and coming 3rd baseman to take Polanco’s place. You can read the specifics here.

I has a sad. I hope this doesn’t happen. After trading Thome for a couple A-level players, I’m afraid the fire sale has begun. I have lost all faith in Amarro. He needs to go. I’m losing all hope. I’m going to go crawl in a closet and stay there till next February, peek out and see if its safe to see who’s left. *weeps*



My third Hall Of Fame Autograph (soon)

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that the orioles and Phillies have reached a deal to trade Jim Thome!

Announcement to be made after the game…

Thome was traded to Baltimore for minor league RHP Kyle Simon and C Gabriel Lino


This just in…Rookie wunderkind Freddy Galvis was suspended 50 games today for testing positive for a banned substance.

You can read the disappointing details HERE

I’m so disappointed. The hits they just keep a comin’, don’t they?

Heading off to the first Gulf Coast Phillies game of the year.

I’m a little excited, today is the first GCL game of the year. The weather here in Clearwater seems to be on the tolerable side (the humidity is low for a change) and Ross and I have new chairs to sit in at the game (they even have “roofs” to shelter us from the sun!)

The last GCL game I saw was in 2010, the Championship winning team.

2010 GCL Phillies Win the Championship

I will be tweeting from the game and may blog if something interesting arrises.

EDITED TO ADD: in the 5th GCL tigers are leading 3-0
Top of the 6th 4-0 Tigers
Top of the 8th 6-0 tigers
End of game Tigers 6, Phillies 1

Frustrated doesn’t begin to describe it.

I can’t even find the words to describe how I feel right now. I’ve always been known for my loquaciousness and for me to be speechless is beyond the pale.

There are so many problems, where can I start?

1. Injuries. The Phils weren’t hit by the injury bug, it’s more like a plague of injury locusts. Howard, Utley, Thome, Martinez, Galvis, Halliday, Stutes, Nix when will it end? At one point, we had NINE guys on the DL.

2. Age. I’m starting to think they might go faster on one of those Hove-arounds you see advertised on TV… You can go, go, go in your Hove-around! Ok, I’m kidding, but age does contribute to reason #1.

3. Lack of Consistency. Not just on the field, but also in the clubhouse. On the field, Uncle Chuckles keeps changing the line up. How can anyone get into a groove when they never get to bat in the same position? In the club house, with all the injuries there’s never the same guys in the line up so again, how can they get into a groove?

4. Contract Uncertainty. Hamels and Victorino’s contracts are up. With the problems we’ve been having with Blanton, Kendrick and the floating fragment in Worley’s elbow can we afford to let Hamels go? No. The problem is that to keep Hamels and stay under the luxury “tax” payroll limit, there has to be some concessions made…and it looks like Hamels importance will outweigh Victorino’s so unless Vic is willing to lessen his demands; we will have to let him go.

That being said, if Vic goes, there are plenty Pharm Hands willing and capable of stepping in: Derrick Mitchell, Domonic Brown, Steve Susdorf, Tyson Gillies, Jiwan James, they’re all just waiting. I know they are lacking in experience, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I’d rather lose some games as part of a learning curve rather than because Amarro went to a fire sale and picked up the first over 40 player he could find.

5. Attitude Adjustment Needed. Antonio Bastardo had to miss games because he threw a temper tantrum and punched an exercise machine which ironically punched him back. Now he’s got stitches, swelling and as Uncle Chuckles mentioned today, an infection to boot. Wonderful.

Shane Victorino also seems flat. I swear it seems like he’s given up. This goes right back to #4.

This bad attitude just seems to be spreading like a cancer.

I’m at such a loss. Sadly, there’s nothing we as fans can do. It’s so hard to sit here and watch our beloved Phightins suffer. Will it get better?

We’ve lost so much, players, games, spirit, I’m not sure that getting Howard, Utley or anyone else back will do enough to change our failing season.

I just don’t know and frankly I’m not sure that Manuel or Amarro do either.