This was no “Halladay” for the Phillies this weekend

It was announced today that after an MRI Roy Halladay will be out 6-8 WEEKS with a strained lat muscle.

*facepalm* what will happen next?

Sadly, I think the this, along with the plethora of injuries plaguing the Phils just emphasizes the difficulty of maintaining a team of this age.

I’m afraid it will get worse and that we are starting to look into the abyss of a “lost” year. If so, what do we do? Suck it up and admit this isn’t working and deal the players we can in order to free up money and cap room to keep Hamels? Should they bring up some of the young guys and give them a shit at the big time?

I would strongly consider at least bringing some of the younger guys up and give them a shot, but knowing the way this team works, they’ll deal
away a bunch of prospects for a couple of 35 year old worn out players to drag them to the end of the season.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If this is true, Amarro might be the maddest hatter of them all.

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