2 Balls

Tonight Ross and I got to the game a little late. We had a slight problem to deal with and it kept us from being on time.

It ended up being a good thing for me.

After the National Anthem, Ross headed to the concession stand to get us dinner and I went to sign up for a contest. On my way back, after the game started, I head the telltale THUNK of a ball hitting the rafters above the concourse. I realized that a ball dropped just in front of me! I grabbed it!

It was my first foul ball! After approximately 1,000 baseball games over 15 years, I finally got a foul!

Ball 1

I was tickled.

Later, Ross and I were sitting in our seats and another ball was fouled backward and it hit the suites and bounced forward…and landed in the row behind me. As no one was there, I snagged that one too!

Ball 2

After all this time going without ever coming close to snagging a foul, I got two. I gave one to  a little kid sitting nearby. I think I made his night too.

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