Hamels Suspended

I have to say it. I used to be a big Hamels fan. Not so much anymore.

Hamels hits Bryce Harper with a Pitch

There’s certain things that really tick me off, one of them is BONEHEAD plays. What in the world was he thinking?

It’s not as if the Phillies are not already under the microscope for hitting batters with balls. After Michael Bush got suspended for the exact same thing…what was Hamels thinking?

This all came to light after Derrick Mitchell got hit by a pitch for the second day in a row during spring training. Ryne Sandberg blew a gasket, (and rightfully so) at the Pittsburgh manager. This fight, which Baseball Ross caught on tape, is what set off Bush.

You can see the video HERE **Viewer discretion is advised for strong language**

Now Hamels goes and hits Bryce Harper…Totally a bonehead move. Now he’s out 5 games. He’s not “Hollywood Hamels” any more it’s like “Hairbrained Hamels”.

I’m so disappointed in him.


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