Stone Crabs Pinch the Threshers

There was one good thing to mention about the game tonight. The new edition of the Threshers Times came out with Jesse Biddle on the cover. I happened to run into Jesse and he was kind enough to autograph it for me. (It’s getting framed for my office in the new house!) He hadn’t seen the new cover and it was really cool to see the awe and surprise on his face when he saw that he was on the cover.

Threshers Times-Jesse Biddle Cover Autographed

Adam Morgan was on the mound.

Adam Morgan

I won’t go into details. It was a rough game.  Adam Morgan battled for six innings giving up 5. Colby Shreve came in in the seventh and held the Crabs scoreless. Then Garrett Claypool came in and the pain really began. 5 runs scored. Then Hector Neris came in and gave up another. It was a six run inning for the Crabs. Neris gave up another run in the ninth. Final score. 11-2 Stonecrabs. OUCH!


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