Pathetic Thresher Outfield

I’m at the Threshers game and am so frustrated. For the FOURTH time tonight there was a huge missed plays in the Threshers outfield between Anthony Hewitt and Zach Collier.

Three times Hewitt and Collier just watched the ball sail over their heads and hit the warning track with little hussle to recover it. Twice this lackadaisical play allowed the Tampa Yankees to score.

The last time this happened I looked down the aisle from where I’m sitting to see former general manager Ed Wade holding his head as if in pain.

The sad thing is that pitcher Jesse Biddle looked GREAT, pitching into the 8th, his longest outing of the season. In truth the Yankees should have been held scoreless.

This was no “Halladay” for the Phillies this weekend

It was announced today that after an MRI Roy Halladay will be out 6-8 WEEKS with a strained lat muscle.

*facepalm* what will happen next?

Sadly, I think the this, along with the plethora of injuries plaguing the Phils just emphasizes the difficulty of maintaining a team of this age.

I’m afraid it will get worse and that we are starting to look into the abyss of a “lost” year. If so, what do we do? Suck it up and admit this isn’t working and deal the players we can in order to free up money and cap room to keep Hamels? Should they bring up some of the young guys and give them a shit at the big time?

I would strongly consider at least bringing some of the younger guys up and give them a shot, but knowing the way this team works, they’ll deal
away a bunch of prospects for a couple of 35 year old worn out players to drag them to the end of the season.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If this is true, Amarro might be the maddest hatter of them all.

Gillies will be ok!

It was just reported that while Tyson Gillies is not line up today, he only suffered what is being characterized as a “contusion”.

Last night in Harrisburg, both Tyson and Jiwan James were running for a line drive. They were both running all out and collided at full speed. Tyson was removed from the game. It was reported that he was taken to the hospital for X-rays.

I follow both on Twitter and knew as of last night that Jiwan was ok as he tweeted as such. I was growing worried about Tyson because he had not tweeted.

So things are looking better. Here’s to Tyson for a speedy recovery.

From “Zero” To Hero in Less than a Week

There’s a lot of things make me wonder about the Phillies. One of them is how some guys just never seem to get a fair shake. Rich Thompson is one of those guys. He’s been in the organization for several years, but has never gotten a chance to play in the major leagues. He played in the major leagues previously with another team but he’s been anguishing in Lehigh Valley since coming to the Phillies.

Thompson is like many other guys in the Phillies farm system, he’s a good player a solid player, and if he played in any other teams organization you have a good shot at making the show. But Thompson doesn’t play in any other organization he played with the Phillies and for some reason the reason I can’t discern he’s never even given a chance to play with the big Philly’s at citizens Bank Park.

Thompson held the record as being the longest I am paid in team history, they even made a big deal last year in the playoffs in saying he was the last “original” IronPig left on the team. But he never got his shot with the Phillies and last week the Phillies dealt him to the Tampa Bay rays.

The Rays didn’t send him “down” they took him right up to the show he went from being stuck in the international league at AAA with the Phillies aans now is playing every day with the Rays. Not only that, tonight his play was crucial to them winning the game.

It was in the 11th inning and the game is tied Constantine to the plate and took one for the team he got hit by pitch. After being hit he took his base then BJ Upton was up, Upton. Smack the ball sending it out into the outfield Thompson who is on first started running as if his life depended on it and it seemed that within seconds he scored to win the game!

He obviously has to speed and ability to play at the major-league level the while of the Phillies let him languish in AAA. I guess only Ruben Amarro knows.

It also makes me wonder how many other guys Mike Thompson have a speed and ability to play at the major-league level and are languishing in the lower levels of the Phillies farm system? Only time will tell. Maybe someday some of these guys will get a chance or maybe they’ll be dealt to other teams and get the big chance.

What I’m afraid of its we have players that are currently playing for the Phillies that are not playing up to their ability or are injured and not able to play as good as they can. What I think is happening is that there’s good players, quality players who could fill in but instead they are left languishing in the farm system. The same guys get traded and go on to have productive careers with other teams.

But what do I know? I’m not a “professional”. But I do know is I hate seeing guys that are talented like Thompson getting stuck in a holding pattern just because of someone else’s opinion of them and because they just weren’t given a chance.

I’m really happy for Rich Thompson. He owns a home in the Tampa area so he’s playing for his home team and what could be better for him? I wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him play at the Trop.

Moving on UP!

It was announced today that OF Steve Susdorf was promoted to AAA Lehigh Valley from Reading! As someone who’s kept an eye on him, it is great to see him promoted!

To fill his open position, Clearwater’s Brandon Tripp was promoted to AA Reading.

Also promoted this week was relief pitcher, Bryan Morgado. Bryan was promoted from Lakewood to Clearwater.

Bryan Morgado smiles in the bullpen at Bright House



Things are just Ducky

When you go to a ballgame, you never know what you might see…or that you might actually get to save a life…or in this case eight lives.

When Ross and I got to Bright House there was a momma duck racing back and forth just in front of the fountain. She was in obvious distress. I looked to the side and there was the problem, her ducklings had fallen down in a storm drain.

The one of the grounds crew had gotten a tractor and lifted the grate off the drain while a City of Clearwater Police Officer used a rake to keep them from swimming down into the drainpipe.

City of Clearwater Police Officer uses a rake to keep the ducklings from getting lost down the drainpipe

After that, the groundskeeper took the rake since his arms were a little longer and it allowed him to scoop the leaf-rake under the ducklings and up they came, one by one.

A Bird in Hand

Momma was waiting

Momma Duck waits for her babies

At one point several ducklings scampered onto the rake and I jumped in to help. I helped carry three of the eight babies over to where Momma was waiting

Momma! Where are you?

After all 8 were saved, the grate was put back on and we headed into the game, quite happy to have helped to save eight little lives.

Waddling off into the sunset

Iron Pigs Rich Thompson TRADED!

The Phillies traded Iron Pig Rich Thompson to Tampa for Outfielder Kyle Hudson.

This is now being reported by multiple sources.

I say welcome to Kyle and a thank you to Rich. I believe Rich was the last original Iron Pig. I wish Rich all
The best in his figure endeavors.

UPDATE: Rich Thompson will be playing with the TAMPA BAY RAYS! He’s going back to the big league! Thompson also has a home in the area so I am sure that he and his family are thrilled! Congratulations Rich!

2 Balls

Tonight Ross and I got to the game a little late. We had a slight problem to deal with and it kept us from being on time.

It ended up being a good thing for me.

After the National Anthem, Ross headed to the concession stand to get us dinner and I went to sign up for a contest. On my way back, after the game started, I head the telltale THUNK of a ball hitting the rafters above the concourse. I realized that a ball dropped just in front of me! I grabbed it!

It was my first foul ball! After approximately 1,000 baseball games over 15 years, I finally got a foul!

Ball 1

I was tickled.

Later, Ross and I were sitting in our seats and another ball was fouled backward and it hit the suites and bounced forward…and landed in the row behind me. As no one was there, I snagged that one too!

Ball 2

After all this time going without ever coming close to snagging a foul, I got two. I gave one to  a little kid sitting nearby. I think I made his night too.