Book Review:Just A Minor Perspective: Through The Eyes of a Minor League Rookie

Since I still have some time before the season starts, I thought I’d review a book by former Phillies minor league pitcher, Eric Pettis.

Pettis was only recently released, which seemed odd since he seemed to be performing well, at least the times I saw him. He spent the 2010 short season in Williamsport with the CrossCutters where he performed well both as a starter and from the bullpen. Once the Cutters season was over he was sent to Lakewood where he contributed to the BlueClaws  winning the South Atlantic Championship. I should know, I was there for all the home playoff games including the win.

Lakewood BlueClaws Win 2010 South Atlantic League Championship

Pettis is just to the left of center, wearing number 33.

Back to the book. I liked it. It was an easy read, written as if Eric were sitting across a table from you in a coffee house telling you the story of his baseball career. I found it enlightening to get such an honest insight into the inner workings of the Phillies minor league system. As a fan and as someone who never had a chance to actually play the game, the book is like peeking into the locker rooms and lives of the minor league players.

There were several times where I’d exclaim, “I didn’t know that” or “Wow, who thought that players had to go through all of that.”

If you even have the most passing interest in the Phillies farm system I’d recommend this book.


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