Leaving on a jet plane; New IronPigs topic of discussion in Allentown Morning Call

“They’re leaving on a jet plane,” or so the song goes. The players for the Phillies, Reading Phillies and the IronPigs have left Florida and according to the Twitter reports of the players I follow, they’ve touched down in Philly with those assigned to Reading on a bus enroute to their new destination.

I found the comments of native Floridian Jiwan James funny as he remarked about how cold it was.

Also of note today, the Allentown Morning Call, a newspaper that reports on the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, did a nice story on some of the players coming to the team including Jake Diekman and Derrick Mitchell. It is very complimentary. I’ve included a link to the article HERE

What’s next for me now that I’m down to only one team that I can watch? Ok, I can watch more than that…Ross and I subscribe to MLB.com’s MLBTV so we can watch all of the Phillies games and the majority of the IronPigs, even down here in Florida. There may also be limited broadcasts of Reading Phillies games. There’s the Threshers’ games, I also keep an eye on the Dunedin Blue Jays since it’s only a few blocks from where my new house is being built. So this week will have me in Dunedin on Thursday for the Jays and Threshers, then at Brighthouse for a rematch of those teams. If I get really bored, we can always zip across the causeway to see the Tampa Yankees at Legends Stadium at Steinbrenner Field. Additionally, it won’t be too long before extended spring training starts. I think I might survive until next February.

Also of note, today Ross and I purchased an AppleTV, a device made by Apple that connects to the HDMI input on our TV and wirelessly to our router and then the internet. It allows us to stream all the MLB games right to our TV. What’s really cool is that it also allows us to watch any game from this season. So we went through the archives to the game on March 15th against the Braves where we had those seats in the front row right behind home plate. Low and behold…there we were! If you watch the first inning you can see me with my iPhone actually blogging at the game and also taking pictures. So I had to take a screen shot of myself on TV.

Betsy in the red shirt just above the "P" in Phillies taking a picture of pitcher Joe Blanton. Ross is in the grey shirt to my right, his face hidden by the score.

I didn’t have time to watch longer to get a better shot, but I’ll try to watch later and post a better picture.

So there we have it…for now. I also read a book this week written by former Lakewood BlueClaws pitcher Eric Pettis. It was an enlightening insight into his career and how things work in the farm system. I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to reviewing it this week.

Well, will you look at the time? It’s after midnight and may be I should stop watching and reading about baseball and get a little sleep.


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