Matt Rizzotti gets traded!

Matt Rizzotti

The Deleware County Times is reporting that first baseman Matt Rizzotti (currently playing with the AAA Iron Pigs) was dealt to the Minnesota Twins this morning for “cash and considerations”.

I liked Rizzo. Nice guy, friendly to fans. This being said, if you’ve been reading my husband Baseball Ross’ Blog (Click HERE ) for any length of time, you’d have read about the outstanding spring training that Steve Susdorf has had. Susdorf spent last year in Reading in the outfield and was having a career season before injuring his knee.

This year, it was obvious that something was stirring as Susdorf had been moved to first, Rizzo’s traditional spot. Ross and I had been wondering with Susdorf playing there more than Rizzo if the times were  a changin’. It wasn’t that Rizzo wasn’t hitting, he was hitting .310 this spring after going 2 for4 yesterday.

So while the writing might have been on the wall, it doesn’t make it easy to lose a fan favorite.

I must admit I’ll miss Rizzo and I’m still reeling from losing another favorite, Brian Gump. Hopefully we’ll get to see these guys again.


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