Derrick Mitchell gets hit by a pitch, Ryne Sanberg gives Pittsburgh a piece of his mind

Sadly today, I was a bit under the weather…so I am grateful that my husband, Ross, was at the game today to see today’s shenanigans.

The inning before this event, Phillie Tom Cochran hit a Pirate with a pitch. The very next inning, first player Derrick Mitchell comes to the plate and with the first pitch he was hit!

Manager Ryne Sandberg was NOT happy, to say it politely. He sprung to Derrick’s defense and eventually had to be restrained from the Pirates’ manager. Ross happened to capture it all on film as he had been preparing to film Derrick’s at bat. I have included a link to my YouTube page where you can see it, but before I do, let me say that VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED for LANGUAGE.

You can see the video HERE

It was like going to a baseball game and a hockey game broke out.

After the melee, Derrick takes his base and he did finish the game.

In the end, the only action the umpire took was to warn the managers that the next pitcher who hit a batter would be ejected from the game. What?! There’s NO REASON to hit anyone on purpose! Let alone in spring training!!! It’s inexcusable! Moreover, the pitcher should have been ejected right away.

Ryne Sanberg was fully justified in calling out the Pirates’ manager for ordering such irresponsible behavior. It’s hard to believe that the Pirates manager wasn’t ejected. They are supposed to be adults, professionals and for a pitcher to hit someone on purpose is disgusting.

I give kudos to Sanberg for standing up for his player and if you watch the video, to the team as well for being there to back him up. I can only wish that there were some repercussions for the Pittsburgh pitcher.


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