Ever have one of THOSE days?

Did you ever have one of THOSE days? You know, the kind where you had a do-over button so you could push it and go back to when you woke up and begin again? There seemed to be a lot of that going around today.

For me, it was leaving the house without my iPhone, leaving me feeling like I was missing an arm. Soon after arriving in Dunedin for the game against the Blue Jays, I tripped and wrenched my knee.

Today was also a beautiful and sunny day, but sitting in the stands, it WAS warm. However many people were not prepared for the heat, the EMTs were called to the section we were sitting in not once but twice! The second time was quite frightening as people just 5-6 rows behind us started screaming for an usher and “Medic! We need a medic!” the elderly gentleman was removed and I believe was taken to the hospital.

The funny fickle finger of fate was then pointed squarely at our beloved Phillies. After starting out with a run in the first and soon after the medic was called for the man behind us, the curse hit the Phils full force. There were errors, Wiggington seem to just stand and watch a ball go by, and the calls at the plate just didn’t go our way.

Cole Hamels started off decently, but by the fourth inning the jays were beating up on him with the jays leading 5-1.

Chad Qualls pitched an inning and 2/3 and was relieved by Jose Contrares. Here I do want to mention that Contrares’ family was sitting across the aisle from us. His little boy is so adorable. When Jose came in his boy said in a way only a child can, “that’s my dad!”

This was his first appearance this spring, sadly it showed. He gave up 4 runs before getting the hook.

Next in his infinite wisdom, Cholly brought in David “Home Run” Herndon. Herndon is an odd one. Every time we have seen him pitch, he comes in and gives up a home run, then settles in to pitch well.

By this point, if there was a mercy rule, the game would have been over.

The Phils did get another run, but did it matter? No. It was like trying to put a bandaid on a gaping zombie bite, it was just worthless.

Despite all the misfortunes, I did enjoy myself. There’s not many other places in the world I’d rather be than sitting in the Florida sun watching the Phils.


One thought on “Ever have one of THOSE days?

  1. jtag20@yahoo.com March 19, 2012 / 8:42 am

    Your last sentence just about said it all for me….Nice update…..

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