Phillies take down the Braves

Today was a beautiful day for baseball. 84, sunny and a nice breeze. We didn’t plan on going to the game today so we didn’t have tickets, but we heard through the grapevine that there was a chance for Derrick Mitchell to play today in the split squad game at Brighthouse, we thought we’d get up early and see if any tickets were available.

Usually when we go day of game, we get seats out on the 3rd base line, the berm or we end up standing in the shade somewhere behind home plate. Today, we got LUCKY, we got tickets in the FRONT ROW, right behind home plate.

We’ve never even gotten those tickets for Threshers games, so we were amazed.

With seats like that you can get pictures like this…

Blanton pitching
Derrick Mitchell (3rd from the left) in the dugout
Hunter Pence's Hit blows past the Braves' short stop

It was a back and forth game with the teams trading runs. The Phils were up 6-4 when Charlie Manuel started making substitutions. By the top of the 8th the final substitutes, including Tim Kennelly, Rich Thompson, Troy Hanzawa and Derrick Mitchell were in the game.

Derrick Mitchell got a chance to bat in the bottom of the 8th with 2 out. Unfortunately, the Mighty Mitchell struck out, getting the final out for the Phils as the Braves were not able to score at the top the 9th.

While everything didn’t go as we may have wished, the Phils did walk away on this beautiful afternoon with a win.

I do want to mention that the reporter, Howard Eskin is reporting that Charlie Manuel was quoted as saying that, “Chase Utley will never be 100%”. This makes me sad, but I’m not sure that I’m really that worried. Freddy Galvis has been filling in quite nicely in Utley’s absence. He’s made a few really amazing plays and has been been solid at the plate. So if given a little bit of leeway for a learning curve, Galvis might just be ok.

The next game I’ll attend is Sunday’s game in Dunedin against the Blue Jays. See you then!


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