The Phils beat the Jays

It was a great day for baseball. We spent the morning at the minor league camp. I saw my buddy who’s been working with the Lehigh Valley group…he looked really good. I have a good feeling about this season for him.

I also saw Jiwan James:


He’s a nice guy, very accessible to his fans on Twitter.

It was good to see many familiar faces back. After sitting up many a night to watch the Australian baseball championships, it was good to see their MVP Tim Kennelly.

From there it was in to Dunedin for the game versus the Jays.


Cliff Lee started and pitched the first two innings. He was lucky today, in Dunedin, the wind usually comes in off of the Gulf and will help a ball out over the fence. Today was a rare day when the breeze came from the East. It knocked down several balls that, under normal conditions, would have gone out.

It was a rather quiet game until the Phils opened up and scored 4 in the 4th.

After that, the air went out of the Jays.

Some Phillies highlights:

Catcher Tuffy Gosewisch picked off a Jay trying to steal second.

Gosewisch then stole second himself, showing the Jays how it’s done.


Jake “Don’t Call Me Jacob” Deikman came in and struck out 2 of the 3 batters he faced.

Hector Luna was AMAZING, fielding a hard-hit grounder and tossing the hitter out at first.

Carlos Ruiz played his first game of the season.

Freddy Galvis had a line drive hit to right to drive in a run, he’s looking strong at shortstop.

My fun crowd moment of the day:

There were a group of Canadians sitting next to us. They were a gregarious bunch and quite fun. We good naturely heckled each other throughout the game. At one point, the little old ladies in front of us were teasing one man as he got up to get a snack. One lady said, “if you’re going down, bring us something back!” he yelled back, “what ya want?” The lady replied, “whatever you’re having!”

It’s the kind of banter you see every game as people are climbing out or walking in front of others, what happened next is what made it different. The Canadian guy came back with a bucket of popcorn for the lady!

She told him she’d been kidding and offered to pay for the popcorn, but he wouldn’t hear it. “I know you were kidding, but I wanted to be nice.”

It was the kind of thing that makes baseball different. With the slower pace, you can chat with your neighbors and have a little fun without missing anything. Of course, these Canucks were in for a long day. They drank quite a few Labatts and informed us they were spending the evening at the Lightning game, who are coincidentally playing the Ottawa Senators.

The weather was perfect, the fans were fun, what more could I ask for?

Baseball is good.


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