Spring Training Day 11

It was a quick day today with the players heading off to their golf tournament.

I watched a little BP. Saw Tyson Gillies
Explain the fine art of the bunt to Freddy Galvis.

I also saw the catchers grouped together on Carlton Field while Tuffy Gosewisch spoke.


One of the highlights today was Kevin Frandsen. He was taking BP on Roberts Field and struck a long, slow ball that appeared almost as if it’s travel to the out field was in slow motion. It just kept going and going, finally dropping in the other side of the fence. Frandsen turned and yelled, “F*** Yeah!” he then turned around and realized that everyone watching had heard him. He stopped dead, kinda got a little white before he started to blush then cleared his throat and said, “Uh, heck yeah!” everyone laughed.

That is the kind of thing I love about baseball, seeing the joy on a guy’s face when he hits a out of the park homer. That look of accomplishment when something they’ve worked on comes together. That is what I love about baseball.

Life is good.


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