Opening Day Rosters Announced! Mitchell Makes the IRONPIGS!

Oink! Oink! Oink! That’s the IronPigs battle cry. It’s also something Derrick Mitchell and 21 other players will have to contend with this year at Coca Cola Park. (As of press time, 3 remaining roster spots  have not been decided.) IronPigs roster can be found here Also announcing their roster today were the Reading Phillies. […]

Phightin’ for a place on the AAA roster, Derrick Mitchell plays hard and for others spring training with the Phillies comes to an end.

It’s coming down to the wire. There’s a lot on the line. With the end of spring training only days away there is a lot of jostling going on with the rosters, a trade and three more guys were cut today. May be more importantly, there was a change to the rules at AAA and […]

Matt Rizzotti gets traded!

The Deleware County Times is reporting that first baseman Matt Rizzotti (currently playing with the AAA Iron Pigs) was dealt to the Minnesota Twins this morning for “cash and considerations”. I liked Rizzo. Nice guy, friendly to fans. This being said, if you’ve been reading my husband Baseball Ross’ Blog (Click HERE ) for any length […]

Derrick Mitchell gets hit by a pitch, Ryne Sanberg gives Pittsburgh a piece of his mind

Sadly today, I was a bit under the weather…so I am grateful that my husband, Ross, was at the game today to see today’s shenanigans. The inning before this event, Phillie Tom Cochran hit a Pirate with a pitch. The very next inning, first player Derrick Mitchell comes to the plate and with the first […]

Pop goes the Pods

After the lackadaisical day the Phils had yesterday, I took my time getting to my seat. I stayed in the shade behind home plate and only wandered to my sun-drenched seat in Section 118 a few minutes before the national anthem. The first half of the first was average, Cliff Lee was slipping into his […]

Going through the motions…

When I’m not watching baseball, I’m a big fan of pop culture. One of my favorite TV shows is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the season six special musical episode, “Once More With Feeling”, Buffy is lamenting that her life isn’t right since her friends brought her back from the dead. She sings: Every single […]