Spring Training Day 7, Part 2

So I’m home now. As I reported earlier, I noticed that Ryan Howard was walking with a slight limp, almost tenderly. Ross had seen him walking earlier in the week and mentioned to me that he seemed to be walking fine.

So today as I watched Mansolino hit grounders to Utley, Utley would then toss the ball to Howard at first. Howard only took a few steps. I didn’t notice the limp as much then, but when Howard was walking to first, it WAS more noticeable. It was about half an hour after my previous post on this, that Matt Gelb from Philly.com posted this article:

Howard has minor setback…

So that’s right, you heard it here first! Baseball Betsy broke the news on this one! (Ok, I’m done now, but it’s my first “breaking news”)

Here’s a few pictures of Utley and Howard this morning…

Chase Utley Fielding Grounders, 2-25-12Chase Utley Fielding Grounders, 2-25-12Ryan Howard Catching a ball at First 2-25-12

Here is a link to video I took of Howard working with Utley this morning

Click HERE to see it.

I think one of the highlights this morning was the guy next to me yelling to Shane Victorino, “Hey Shane! Saw you on Hawaii 5-0! Looked good! You should get an acting agent now!”

Shane just shook his head and said, “No way!”

Shane Victorino says "No way!" to more acting

I think the weirdest thing I saw today was as Ross and I were heading home. Over on the short field in the shadow of Brighthouse, was Jim Thome taking grounders. What was strange was that he did it while sitting on a step-stool!

Jim Thome taking grounders while sitting down on the job

As I said earlier, it was a good day, picture wise and afterwards finding out that I “broke” news…but autograph wise, it wasn’t good at all.

I do enjoy going to spring training every day.  Sun and baseball, what more do I need?


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