Spring Training Day 3

Pitchers and catchers camp was crowded again so Ross and I went over to Brighthouse to watch BP.

Hunter Pence hit approximately 11 balls out of the park. He really lit it up. He signed autographs today after practice, but stopped signing with the kid next to me. *Curses! Foiled AGAIN!*

I did get to snap this picture:

So not a total loss!

I did get to get a Juan Pierre card that the nice guy from MONTANA who stood by me, gave me. So that was cool.

I also got to talk to one of the nicest players, Tyson Gillies. I finally got his autograph on its own ball, so today was a good day.

I also saw Chase Utley and Jim Thome


Also interesting, I was interviewed by the Philly Daily News/Inquirer photographer who was taking fan questions to the paper’s sports writers for their weekly show! He said if used it will likely air on Thursday…so keep your eyes peeled. I’ll post a link if I can.

So overall, it was a really great day! What else could I ask for? Got a few autographs, talked to some nice players got some good pictures (I’ll post the camera pictures when I get home)…it was sunny, 70 degrees…


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