Pitchers and Catchers Report

The day dawned grey. The clouds flew across the sky. The winds were strong. Rain sprinkled Ross and I when we walked our dogs. By the time we left for the Carpenter Complex, the sprinkles stopped. The sun slipped in and out as the clouds continued shooting by.

We got to the fields about an hour before the Phillies pitchers and catchers were due to come out. I was surprised as we were greeted by actual parking attendants. Until the games start, we usually don’t have attendants, but there they were. The lot was already half full.

Ross and I walked up the drive way at the Carpenter Complex and they already had the concession stand and souvenir stand up and running.

We barely got to the stands and were greeted by an old friend. It was good to see a familiar face. It was difficult to get to my favorite place to try to get an autograph. I managed to squeeze in, but I was back bit so my photo taking was limited for a while.

When the players came out I snapped a few pictures:

Joe Savery Pitching Drill
Roy Halliday Pitching Drill
Dontrelle Willis says something amusing to Vance Worley as they walk to the mound
Cole Hamels throws to first durning drills
Blanton, Worley and Two Others Run

It was a good day. Even though I was unable to get any autographs, I had a good time and can’t wait for tomorrow. Spring feels like it is here and baseball is back. What could be better? *sighs*

To see more pictures, you can view the full post by clicking HERE


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