T’was The Night Before Spring Training

T’was the night before Spring Training and all through my house,

Cameras were charging and the cell phone as well.

The blog templates were coded with care, in hopes of baseball tales would soon be there.

The balls to get autographed are put in my sack,

And some extra batteries were also packed.

Tonight I’ll dream of pitches and catches,

All kinds of fun that’s without any matches.

The trip to the World Series soon will begin,

With hopes of a Phillies’ win at the end.


Ok, so I’m not a poet, but you get my drift. I’ve talked to many of my friends and they all feel the same tonight, it feels like the night before Christmas. All that excitement and anticipation of what just MAY come. Will they make the playoffs? Will they win?

There’s so many thoughts running through my head. Not just will they make it to the Series, but what will happen along the way?

How long will it take Ryan Howard to recover and will he be able to play to the same level as before the injury?

Who will take over left field? Will it be Mayberry, Jr? Will it be one of the myriad of players that are stewing at Leigh Valley?

On a selfish level…will I be able to get the autographs of the three guys I’m still missing? I still haven’t been able to track down Carlos Ruiz, Jimmy Rollins and Hunter Pence?

I’ve been so fortunate in the past. I have so many great autographs but in some ways it makes me all the more frustrated that I just can’t get them ALL.

I just feel so excited. This will also be the first year that I’ll be in Clearwater from the first pitch to the last. Other years I was restricted by either work or a family obligation. Now I’ll be here every single day. I’ll be living and breathing baseball. It’s what I’ve wanted for so many years and here it is, right in front of me.

I’ve also been working on making it so I can blog and Twitter as I’m at the fields. I’ve created my Twitter account ( @baseballbetsy ) and I’ve also set up a page on this website where you can read my Tweets without needing to sign up for Twitter. Just click the “Twitter” tab at the top and you’ll be taken to my webpage that will update when you refresh the page. I’ve also created a WordPress blog that I can update from my iPhone. Additionally, if you are my friend on Facebook, you can also see my Tweets as they will show up as my status updates. Just search for “Betsy Baseballe”. I had to add the “e” as Facebook wouldn’t accept “Baseball” for my last name.

What I also plan on doing is combining and summarizing all the WordPress blogs I make each day on this blog. That way, if you are unable to keep up on WordPress during the day, you can catch up. Unfortunately, Apple does not have a mobile app for iWeb and there is no way to remotely update this blog. So, WordPress was the way to go. One of the other benefits of the WordPress blog is that you can comment! I always felt that one of the few things I didn’t like about the iWeb blog is the lack of a commenting feature. 

So let’s give this a whirl. We’ve got an awesome team and I’ve got some geeky tech and may be we can all watch them march to the World Series together. *crosses fingers*

You can visit my website Baseball Betsy by clicking HERE


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