So Close, Yet So Far Away

5 time NL East Champ Banner

I’ve waited to comment on the end of the seasons. It hurt. For this die-hard fan, it hurt.

As far as the Phillies went, the season opened with such promise and the bright flame of that promise burned brighter and brighter as the season went on. They clinched a play off berth earlier than ever before and it looked like we could all go to sleep and wake up at Halloween to find a pretty new ring in our treat bag. Instead, we found a cruel trick.

The St. Louis Cardinals, who went on to win the Series in SPECTACULAR fashion, crushed out that flame. Worse yet, adding a literal injury to that insult, we lost Ryan Howard to a ruptured achilles tendon on the last play of the season.

I’ll admit, I have a soft spot for the Cards. I have family in the St. Louis area and I even went by Busch Stadium this year as I took the Metro out to the airport after visiting my family. I would say that the Cards are my 3rd team. The first being, of course, the Phils. Second is the Tampa Bay Rays, my new adopted home town.

Busch Stadium

At least if the Phils had to lose, they lost to the best, right?

And that was the way it went the whole way down the farm system. Every team that made the playoffs, lost to the eventual winner of the league. I was there when both the Reading Phillies and the Lehigh Valley IronPigs lost. I suppose that should be some comfort that they lost to the best of the best. Frankly it isn’t, it still hurts.

This lover of the Phils had to take time to heal. I had to curl up in a corner like a dog and lick my wounds. The thing I hold onto now that we have cold and snow is that…there’s only 103 days left until Spring Training…