Derrick Mitchell, Unsung Hero No Longer

Derrick Mitchell
Derrick Mitchell

Saturday, September 10th, the Reading Phillies gave out their end of the year awards. There were several given out but one stood out above all others, the Broadway Charlie Wagner Unsung Hero Award.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you will surely have noticed that of all the players I’ve sung the praises of, I’ve sang out about one above all others–Derrick Mitchell. I’d have yelled from the rooftops if I thought anyone have listened and finally, it seems that the Reading Phillies have FINALLY taken notice.

In naming my favorite player the “Unsung Hero” the R-Phils noted that during the course of this season he:

~Hit .265 with 19 home runs and 79 RBIs–All of which were career-highs

~Tied for the team-lead in stoled bases with 20

~Hit 15 of the 19 home runs before the All-Star Break

~Finished 2nd on the team in HRs, 3rd on the team in runs with 67 and 4th in hits with 126

~Finished tied for 6th in the entire Eastern League in HRs with 19

Derrick also tied for the Sir Speedy Stolen Base Leader Award with Michael Spidale.

It just makes me wonder…what took them so long?

While Ross and I were not able to see every game this season, we guess between 15-20 games plus most of Spring Training and we saw it…which is why I’ve been singing his praises at the top of my lungs.

I guess for them to see it, late is better than never…

Ross wanted to share his thoughts:

As you know, Baseball Betsy is NOT about “stats”, it’s about the entire baseball experience both on the field and off. Sometimes I can find a stat that stands out that even Betsy will appreciate:

When I go to a game, I look for three things in a prospect:

Speed on the bases

I measure power by home runs, clutch hitting by RBIs and speed by stolen bases. I then give a point to each player for a home run, a RBI and a stolen base. I total them at the end of the regular season.

Guess who had the highest total in the ENTIRE PHILLIES FARM SYSTEM with 118 points? Our “Unsung” hero, Derrick Mitchell.

In the games we attended Derrick had some outstanding catches in centerfield. Derrick is truly a 5-tool player who in the 2011 season, hit, hit for power, and can run, throw and field with the best of them.
Now that he’s won this award, others are starting to notice as well. Both Ross and I are sure that he has a very bright future ahead!



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