Hurricane Irene Is Mean

Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene

We had planned to go to Reading to catch the Reading Phillies last home stand but Irene had other plans for us. The games had been moved up and due to fact we had our home and my mother’s house to ready for the storm, we just couldn’t get that done in time to make the games.

We are near Harrisburg and while we were spared the brunt of the storm, we did have some minor damage and lost power about 3 a.m. last night. Now, last we checked anyway at 2 p.m…we still do not have power. Trees took out about 30 power
lines along the main road so it could be a while before we get it back.

But fear not, dear readers! I am so dedicated to you, we drove to not one, but two Starbucks so that I could get to the internet to post my blog!

So as we are sitting here at Starbucks…The sun came out!

Ross Waves Goodbye to Hurricane Irene
Ross Waves Goodbye to Hurricane Irene

As Ross waves goodbye to Irene…the real question is…When can we say, “Hello” to electricity?


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