The Pitcher With The Most Wins In The Phillies System…And His Name Isn’t Halladay

Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez

It’s the end of August and the seasons for all the teams in the Phillies’ system are winding down. It’s only natural to look at the statistics to see who’s on top.

Just looking at the number of wins for the pitchers in the Phillies’ system, guess who has the most? Lee? Halladay? Hamels?

Nope. Not a Major Leaguer. Hyatt? Biddle? Cloyd? May? Pettibone?

Nope. It’s Julio Rodriguez who’s gathered an impressive 16 wins for the Clearwater Threshers. In actuality, he leads ALL pitchers in all of the minor leagues. No other pitcher in any minor league has more than 14 wins.

Rodriguez has a record of 16-7 for the Threshers.

He was selected to the Florida State League All Star Game…which I attended.

The Threshers had six players picked for the All Star Game, Jared Cosart, Trevor May, Jonathan Pettibone, Sabastian Valle, Justin Friend and Julio Rodriguez. Even more interesting is that all of the Threshers except for Valle are pitchers.

I was fortunate enough to get everyone’s autograph except for Pettibone and Justin Friend who had been called up to Reading before the game. Julio Rodriguez’ (#26) is at the top above Trevor May’s autograph (#54)

Julio Rodriguez #26, Trevor May #54
Julio Rodriguez #26, Trevor May #54

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