The Pitcher With The Most Wins In The Phillies System…And His Name Isn’t Halladay

It’s the end of August and the seasons for all the teams in the Phillies’ system are winding down. It’s only natural to look at the statistics to see who’s on top. Just looking at the number of wins for the pitchers in the Phillies’ system, guess who has the most? Lee? Halladay? Hamels? Nope. […]

Pence-ive About Harry the K

Once or twice a year, Ross takes me on the pilgrimage to Philly. Now, we live west of Harrisburg…normally a good two hours down the Turnpike to Citizens Bank Park. Since it was such a gorgeous day AND the American Idol tour had their concert in the Wachovia Center, we decided that we’d forgo the […]

Birthdays, Baseball and Bryce Harper

Baseball…as American as apple pie and birthdays. A dear friend of mine and her father recently celebrated their birthdays together by renting a suite at the Harrisburg Senators game. Ross and I had a great time. I got to see friends that I’ve known since high school. Harrisburg was playing the Trenton Thunder…seems like it […]